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Population  1,467 people.  (309th in Massachusetts.)

The Town of Erving is a highland industrial town on the primary corridor between Boston and Greenfield. The land that constitutes the town was purchased by John Erving in 1752 and was consequently named after him. The community has been the home of the Erving Paper mills since 1905 and the factory continues to be one of the major employers in Franklin County. Erving Paper has been a leader in the recycling of waste paper and is the world's largest producer of printed paper napkins. The company is the fifth largest employer in Franklin County.

Despite its manufacturing history, sections of the town retain a rural character and Erving is also host to Laurel Lake and Erving State Forest. These sites boast beach, boathouses, picnic areas and tenting sites for residents and visitors to the area. The French King Bridge, with a span of 750 feet hanging 140 feet above the banks of the Connecticut River, connects Erving with the Town of Gill. Residents are very proud of the bridge and of the spectacular view of the river from its heights. In addition, there is an historically significant bridge over the Millers River built in 1889 by the New York firm of Dean and Westbrook which displays the only known use of certain Victorian wrought iron building techniques.

North central Massachusetts, bordered by Northfield on the north, Warwick and Orange on the east, Wendell and Montague on the south and west, and Gill on the northwest. The distance to Greenfield is about 8 miles from the intersection of Routes 2 and 63. Erving is 38 miles north of Springfield, 81 miles northwest of Boston, and 170 miles from New York City.

Narrative compiled by the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD).

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