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Population  542 people.  (341st in Massachusetts.)

Middlefield is a small rural hilltown with a population under 500. It is located in the center of the land area between the Connecticut River and New York State. The 1800-foot altitude of the town center provides panoramic views across the surrounding countryside. Points of interest include Glendale Falls, keystone railroad arches, an abandoned soapstone quarry and a clutch of scenic rivers.

In keeping with its strong agricultural background, Middlefield hosts an annual agricultural fair, a 138-year old tradition of the town.

Historically the town was also home to a flourishing woolen mill trade that boomed in the late 1800's when the town's population peaked at over 1,000 people. Small farms are still the largest employers in town and the small general store, a mail order business and a few local artisans comprise the local industry profile.

It is located in west central Massachusetts, bordered by Worthington on the northeast, Chester on the southeast, Becket on the southwest, Washington on the west, and Peru on the northwest. Middlefield is 19 miles southeast of Pittsfield and 123 miles west of Boston.

Narrative compiled by the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD).

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10  bedrooms, 5  baths
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     SingleFamily, Detached
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2  bedrooms, 3  baths
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