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Population  59,226 people.  (15th in Massachusetts.)
Official Town Website

Waltham is a metropolitan city of 57,878, situated nine miles from Boston, encompassing a total area of 13.6 square miles. The Charles River cuts a path through the southern section of Waltham used throughout history for transport, water, and industry. Today, the Charles River has given way to Rout 128 as the main economic center in the City. In the Greater Boston area, Waltham has the second largest office market behind Boston. Waltham has a diverse housing stock, with dense multi-family housing in the southern section of the City and larger lot single-family housing in the northern section. The City also boasts large park and open space facilities such as Prospect Hill Park an the Robert Treat Paine Estate. With an aggressive revitalization program, Waltham is witnessing the rebirth of its historic downtown and is providing better public access to its greatest natural resource, the Charles River.

Eastern Massachusetts, bordered by Lexington on the north, Belmont and Watertown on the east, Lincoln and Weston on the west, and Newton on the south. Waltham is situated on the Charles River 9 miles west of Boston, 33 miles east of Worcester, and 215 miles from New York City.

Narrative compiled by the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD).

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     SingleFamily, Detached
4  bedrooms, 4  baths
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