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Population  32,986 people.  (45th in Massachusetts.)
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Founded in 1630, Watertown was the first inland settlement in Massachusetts and initially encompassed the present communities of Weston, Waltham and large sections of Lincoln, Belmont, and Cambridge --thus becoming one of the largest American settlements of its time.

Settled by Englishmen who had set sail on the Arbella, and were led by Sir Richard Saltonstall, Watertown quickly grew to be an important center for trade, commerce, and industry.

Over the years this community has played an important role in Massachusetts history, once serving as the temporary seat of government during the Revolutionary War.

It was here that Paul Revere, who once resided in Watertown, printed the first paper money for the Province of Massachusetts. At the Old Bemis Mills located here canvas sails were woven for the U.S.S. Constitution. Manufacturing industries included that of the renowned Stanley Steamers as well as the old black Crawford Stoves. And just around the bend of Mt.Auburn Street outside Watertown Square the Mugar family opened what was to be the first of many stores in the famous Star Market chain.

Today Watertown is rich in ethnic diversity and culture, boasts a high level of citizen involvement and many amenities such as shopping malls, swimming pools, country and tennis clubs, skating rinks, eleven fine parks and public transportation providing easy access to Boston and surrounding communities.

Watertown is within twenty minutes travel to all major highways in eastern Massachusetts, including the Massachusetts Turnpike, Routes 128, 95, 93, 2, 16 and 20. In addition, it is serviced by rail lines and commuter bus lines, and has easy access to Logan International Airport in Boston.

Eastern Massachusetts, bordered by Belmont and Cambridge on the north, Boston and Newton on the south, and Waltham on the west. Watertown is 6 miles northwest of Boston on the Charles River, 22 miles south of Lowell, 36 miles east of Worcester, and 215 miles from new York City.

Narrative compiled by the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD).

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