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Population  1,270 people.  (317th in Massachusetts.)

Founded in 1768, Worthington is now a closely knit community of 1,200. Uniquely situated between Northampton and Pittsfield, Worthington offers a wide variety of activities for visitors and residents alike, including golf course, cross-country skiing, several restaurants and numerous bed and breakfast homes. The annual Sevenar's Concerts attract music enthusiasts from throughout the New England-New York region. With a deep sense of its history, coupled with a commitment to a small community lifestyle, the citizens of Worthington feels theirs is a great place in which to live.

western Massachusetts, bordered by Cummington on the north, Chesterfield on the east, Chester on the south, and Middlefield and Peru on the west. Worthington is 23 miles east of Pittsfield and 115 miles west of Boston.

Narrative compiled by the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD).

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     SingleFamily, Detached
2  bedrooms, 1  baths
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     Land, Residential
0  bedrooms, 0  baths
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     SingleFamily, Detached
1  bedrooms, 2  baths
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     SingleFamily, Detached
3  bedrooms, 2  baths
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     SingleFamily, Detached
5  bedrooms, 9  baths
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